Giancarlo Stanton Still Wants Marlins Park’s Fences Moved In


Mar 12, 2014; Jupiter, FL, USA; Miami Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton (27) connects for a base hit against the Atlanta Braves at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past two seasons, Giancarlo Stanton has hit more home runs at home (31) than on the road (30). Still, Stanton expressed his wish for the Miami Marlins front office to move the fences in to the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson.

"“I reiterate that they need to be brought in, in years to come. And it’s not just my opinion. It’s everyone’s opinion here. And everyone’s opinion on visiting teams.”"

Despite Stanton having more home runs at home than on the road, the Marlins as a team only had 31 home runs at home and 59 on the road. The Marlins only hit 90 home runs in 2013, they were the only team in baseball to hit less than 100 on the season.

The fence topic could be a major sticking point for the Marlins in any future extension talks with Stanton, as he knows that the majority of the value he will build will be on the heels of his power numbers.

Moving the fences in is something that is not necessarily on the forefront of the Marlins agenda, as David Samson told Jackson:

"“Where the fences are has helped us more than hurt us. We do measure it, because we’ve got smart guys. We’re not ready to tell you permanently what we’re doing; we’re still studying it.”"

So Samson did not give the idea of moving the fences in a definitive no, but he did mention that it has benefited the Marlins more than it has hurt them, and that is something that I’d have to agree with him on. As much power that has been sapped from the Marlins offense due to the deep dimensions, the ballpark has probably robbed superior hitters of opponents of more home runs.

What do you guys think? Is Stanton right in this case or does Samson have a point about the fences helping the Marlins more than hurting them?