Marlins vs. Rockies Series Preview: Q and A with Rox Pile


Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Editors Note: We are running this post a little late due to the timing that we received the questions.

As part of our series preview content, we want to provide Marlins fans with some insight into the team that they will be facing. We accomplish this in a variety of ways, and one of them is to interview editor’s of other Fansided team pages so we can get the in-depth information that you need heading into the series.

We were fortunate enough to connect with Hayden Kane, editor at the Rox Pile, who gave us some information that we could expect as the Rockies headed into Miami.

MM: What offseason additions and subtractions have the Rockies made that could make an impact at the start of the season?

Kane:  Brett Anderson is the addition that could have a huge impact for the Rockies. If he can stay healthy (and that is a huge “if”) they will have at least three and arguably four frontline starters in the rotation. The Rockies seldom, if ever, have that kind of pitching staff. The subtraction that continues to make no sense is the team’s decision to trade Dexter Fowler. The team is keeping six outfielders (not a type-o) because they never decided on a winner in the center field competition this spring. Arguably none of their four options are better than Fowler, though, so that trade still does not add up. I think they will miss Fowler.

MM: How concerned are you about the health and injury history of Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez?

Kane:  Very concerned. At this point it almost feels silly to even hold out hope that they will both stay healthy long enough for us to actually see what that would mean to the team. Tulowitzki already got dinged up in Spring Training; granted it was a hit-by-pitch and he came back without issue, but it still was discouraging to see before the season even started. The Rockies might be a playoff team if both guys stay healthy for a full season; the problem is, we might never get to find out one way or another.

MM:  How difficult will the early season loss of Chacin be for the rotation? Do they have enough pitching to contend in the N.L. West?

The loss of Chacin is big, especially now that Tyler Chatwood, their third best starting pitcher last season, might find himself on the DL as well. The competition for the 5th starter came down to Franklin Morales and Jordan Lyles this spring. Morales won the gig, but now we will likely see both of them in April and possibly beyond.

With those two playing prominent roles, the Rockies definitely do not have enough pitching to hang. They do have two of the best pitching prospects in baseball, Eddie Butler and Jonathan Gray, and both guys might be ready this season. Butler is closer, and I would love to see the Rockies make the bold decision to add him to the rotation sooner rather than later. If that happens and then Chacin returns, then the Rockies might have the goods to compete.

Kane’s Prediction: I cannot envision the Rockies beating Jose Fernandez in game one, so I think the Marlins win that one. I think the Rockies will win Anderson’s debut and then the Marlins will win the next two, especially given the uncertainty in Colorado’s rotation. Over the years the Rockies’ bats have tended to disappear on the road, and I think that’s what we will see in this series too (I just hope that’s not the case all season).

We want to thank Hayden for giving us some insight to his team. If you want to get even more knowledge about the Rockies, head over to the Rox Pile where you can get the best content around.