Miami Marlins Continue to be Backwards with Derek Dietrich Demotion


The Miami Marlins made a decision to demote second baseman Derek Dietrich after the game on Tuesday night. Manager Mike Redmond had this to say about Dietrich’s demotion:

"“We’re just in a situation where we wanted to make sure that [Dietrich] plays,” manager Mike Redmond said. “There are some defensive things that obviously we want him to work out. He needs to play. He’s still a young guy. We love him and we love what he can do. He just needs to be more consistent. He understands that. We know he will go down and work on, not just his defense, but all aspects of his game. The guy is a big leaguer. It’s all about consistency up here in the big leagues. I know he will go down there and do what he needs to do to come back here as soon as possible.”"

Amazing that the Marlins front office is as backwards as they are. Let’s take a quick look at numbers of two players, one that the Marlins highly regard, and the other that was just sent down:

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Player A is short stop Adeiny Hechavarria and Player B is Derek Dietrich. The metrics don’t like Hech’s defense as much as the Marlins do. He has graded out as a below average fielder the past two seasons and his offense is putrid. Adeiny has just 11 extra base hits in 220 plate appearances.

If the Marlins are as serious as they say they are about winning, why don’t they send Hech down as well “to work on all aspects” of his game.

Yes, Dietrich has severely hurt the Marlins with his defense of late, but each time Hech comes to the plate, most Marlins fans feel as if there is a black hole going to the plate. The demotion for Dietrich and continued favoritism towards Hechavarria shows the Marlins are still very backwards when it comes to giving themselves the best chance to win.