Marlin Maniac’s 2014 MLB Mock Draft: Projecting Top 5 Picks


The MLB draft is once again here and the Miami Marlins own another top 10 pick. Along with the number 2 overall pick, the Marlins hold 3 of top 43 picks in the draft. With the franchise finally heading in the right direction, the 2014 draft could end up being a major make or break draft for the franchise going forward.

Last season, I did a mock draft of the top 10 picks. Of course, I don’t have any inside information, so I didn’t know what each team was going to do. I only correctly guessed 1 of the top 10 picks, with my only correct pick being the Twins selecting Kohl Stewart.

I am going to try my hand at another mock this season, and hopefully I’ll be a little closer to hitting the mark. Since the Marlins pick 2nd, I’ll only be mocking the top 5, as any of the players picked in the top 5 could be realistic options for the Fish.

Here is a look at how I mock the top-5 picks in this draft to go. Remember, I am no draft expert and most of the picks I have made are based on scouting reports and videos I have watched on the internet. I hope you guys enjoy it!

1. Houston Astros: 

The Astros have not tipped their hand at all on they will be selecting. Despite the recent rumors that the Astros could try to cut a deal with prep short stop Nick Gordon (also the son of former MLB player Tom Gordon), it’s more likely the Astros draft a more talented player, while staying within the allotted money slot.

They drafted the top college arm last season and have seen him struggle to adjust to pro ball so far. Rodon would be an excellent player to pair with Mark Appel for the foreseeable future. However, Rodon is not the most talented left hander in this draft and I see the ‘Stros going a different direction.

The Pick: Brady Aiken, Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego

2. Miami Marlins:

The Marlins pick could come down to who the Astros pick number one overall. Alex Jackson and Carlos Rodon are said to be in the running for the ‘Stros. If Aiken goes number 1 like I mocked, the Marlins could be in an interesting dilemma. Does Loria try to force the Marlins hand to drafting the Cuban left Rodon? Or do the Marlins draft for the much needed bat they seek?

At the end of the day, I think the Marlins trading the 39th pick and the allotted money that came with the pick, the Marlins try to go under the slot with their first pick.

The Pick: Alex Jackson, Rancho Bernardo HS, San Diego

3. Chicago White Sox:

The Sox are watching a huge Cuban prospect thrive before their eyes in Jose Abreu. The team will highly consider using this pick on Rodon to pair with Abreu for the foreseeable future, but at the end of the day, will go in another direction.

The pick: Tyler Kolek, Shepherd (Texas) HS

4. Chicago Cubs:

The Chicago Cubs have done an impressive job of building up a strong foundation for their future lineup, with many of the top talents in the minor leagues waiting in the wings. They don’t need another hitter here, but a pitcher. With Rodon falling to them with this pick, there is no way they will pass on a guy that has the potential to be the best player in this draft.

The pick: Carlos Rodon, NC State

5. Minnesota Twins: 

Like the Marlins last season, the Twins are going to be drafting the best player left on the board, as well as a player that fills a major void in the organization. I got the Twins pick right last season, so I might be onto something with this organization.

The pick: Nick Gordon, Olympia HS, Orlando, Fla

I by no means am a draft expert and every pick I made in this draft could be wrong. However, it was still an enjoyable experience to do this mock. The first round of the MLB Draft will take place tonight and the Marlins first pick should come well before tip-off of the Miami Heat NBA Finals matchup with the Spurs. Marlin Maniac will be covering the Marlins draft picks to the best of our ability, keeping you guys updated with each of the Marlins picks.