Miami needs not to take Stanton for granted after LeBron James sudden departure


Giancarlo Stanton will be participate in the home run derby as well as be the Marlins lone all-star. After LeBron James’ departure, he might be the best athlete left in Miami.

However, just like LeBron James, his time in Miami is a ticking time bomb and there isn’t much time left.

Stanton on Friday mentioned that it took guts for LeBron to return home the way he did. He showed the utmost respect for LeBron’s actions.

"“It takes a lot of guts to do that,” Stanton continued. “I know he wanted to go home. It means a lot more to do that, to win in a place you grew up rather than just one of the teams you ended up on. The thing is he didn’t go with the big press conference like he did last time. He did what he was going to do, stayed quiet and did it the right way.”"

With his words not minced at all, you have to wonder if Marlins fans realize that they have Stanton on borrowed time and are best off appreciating every single moment he provides for the rest of this season, and whatever else time he has left in Miami.

Miami fans never truly appreciated Miguel Cabrera or Hanley Ramirez until it was too late. They also seemed to take for granted the time LeBron James has provided them.

Let’s not make this the case with Stanton. Cherish every home run, every game winning hit. Enjoy him hitting bombs at the home run derby, in a Marlins uniform.

Just like LeBron, Stanton’s heart seems to have always been at home. Unfortunately for Marlins fans, Miami doesn’t seem like home for Stanton.