MLB Trade Rumors: Giancarlo Stanton Open to Staying in Miami


Marlins fans everywhere have worried about the future of Giancarlo Stanton ever since he broke into the big leagues. More importantly, does that future take place in Miami? The answer is still unclear, as keeping him would involve a massive long-term contract, as the slugger has blossomed into an MVP candidate this season. However, an LA Times reporter offers some clues about what Giancarlo could be thinking, in terms of his willingness to become a franchise player in Miami.

Stanton said in the above interview, “I want to win, If we’re prepared to win, I want to stay”. This is along the lines of what he said before the season started, when he stated that he needed a year to see the direction the team was heading before considering opening contract negotiations.

This news should be encouraging for Marlins fans, as long as the team continues to develop, and improve over the next couple of seasons. Stanton understands that the team was playing better before Jose Fernandez went down with a torn UCL, and if he is going to stay, Fernandez’s health may play as a big a role as anything.

Many teams around the league would be willing to shell out the cash for Stanton, that’s why it’s so important that the team continues to improve. Giancarlo has felt alone in the lineup for much of his time as a Marlin, thankfully that appears to be changing. With the young Christian Yelich, Marcell Ozuna, and veterans like Casey McGehee around him in the lineup, things should continue to get better in Miami.

All in all, only time will tell if the Marlins have any real chances of locking up the slugger for the long haul, but the outlook is better than it was at this point last season.