MLB Trade Rumors: Miami Marlins Scouting Boston Red Sox For a Potential Trade?


Everyone knows a couple that has been dating for years and years. They have had their share of break-ups, even occasionally dating others, but always seem to return back together. Everyone keeps telling them to “take the plunge” but they seem content to continue to date for years longer than other friends who are already planning their nuptials. The baseball version of this couple is the Miami Marlins and the Boston Red Sox. Yet again, these two teams continue to be linked.

Nick Cafardo, a writer for the Boston Globe, sent out a recent tweet that can best be described as baseball’s “I can’t quit you” couple. I will overlook the Fla. distinction instead of Mia. and instead focus on the fact that Miami and Boston make sense as potential trade partners.

It is no secret that Boston needs outfield depth and that the Marlins have one of the top young outfielders in the game in Giancarlo Stanton. There have been rumors in the past surrounding Stanton and the Red Sox and those talks could be reignited.

Up until now, Miami has been adamant that they are not trading Stanton, but baseball teams are very fluid organizations. Everyone is available for the right price, or at least should be. With the Marlins recent swoon, they may finally be admitting that they are going to be sellers at the deadline as oppose to buyers.

The Boston Red Sox are in the exact opposite situation. Prior to the all-star game, the Red Sox season looked to be finished, but after going 8-2 in their las 10 games they find themselves 6 games below .500 and 5.5 games out of a wild card spot. They could very easily be talking themselves into making a push.

To me, I would wait until the offseason to trade Stanton. I find it hard to believe that any deal that is currently on the table for the Marlins would not be there this offseason. I would make Stanton the best offer that I could and if he refused to sign I would move him. You can’t afford to let a player like that walk and receive nothing in return.

Some of the players that may be interesting the Marlins include Jackie Bradley Jr. and Will Middlebrooks, both players that have been linked to the Marlins in the past.

We will continue to monitor any trade rumors and bring you the latest Marlins news and notes.