MLB Trade Rumors: Marlins would have heavy interest in David Price


The Jon Lester train seems to be leaving Miami before it even got a chance to sit there for any period of time. The Marlins showed interest in Lester earlier today and were quickly turned off by the asking price of their star outfielder Christian Yelich.

As I mentioned in an article on Wednesday, Yelich is a hidden gem for the Marlins and is quickly emerging into the next star player for the Marlins franchise. Trading him for a 2-month rental of Jon Lester would have been a terrible deal from the Marlins perspective.

With the Lester path now seemingly closed, the Marlins are reportedly hoping another star left handed starter hits the trade market over the next day.

According to the Fish Pond’s Joe Frisaro, the Marlins would be “heavily interested” in David Price if the Rays were to put him on the trading block between now and Thursday.

"If Tampa Bay were to make David Price available, the Marlins would have heavy interest."

Price, unlike Lester, still has another season of team control. That is something that the Marlins are actively seeking, a pitcher to help them this season and next.

Unfortunately for the Marlins, like them, the Rays have played extremely well of late. That makes trading Price a tough option for the team before the trading deadline, as they still have a shot in the mediocre AL East and don’t seem ready to pack it in.

As Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports pointed out on Twitter, it would send the wrong signal for the Rays to try and trade Price after their recent hot streak.

Like Lester, Price is scheduled to start tomorrow. Unlike Lester, the Rays don’t seem like they plan on scratching Price from his start tomorrow. With Price on the mound, the Rays have a decent chance to make it 13 wins in 14 games.

How do you justify to your fanbase and clubhouse trading a star pitcher like Price when your team has been as hot as they have been recently? That’s the same reason the Marlins have removed themselves from the “seller” category.

The Marlins tried for Lester, but thankfully didn’t give in to a steep price. They are also hoping for Price, but that even seems like a longshot. The Marlins may not add a big time pitcher like they are wishing, but you cannot fault them for not trying.

Sometimes the juice is not worth the squeeze.