Giancarlo Stanton Trade Rumors: Boston Red Sox never made run at slugger at deadline


The Miami Marlins and the Boston Red Sox discussed possible trade scenarios for pitchers Jon Lester and John Lackey at the trade deadline before both pitchers were traded to the Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals.

Outfielder Christian Yelich and pitching prospect Andrew Heaney were two of the names that we know that came up in discussions between the two teams. We know the Marlins were hesitant to include either in a deal, especially for a rental as Lester would have been.

We also know that the Marlins offered the Sox a collection of prospects, in fact said to be one of the better prospect packages the Sox received. No word on who those prospects may have been.

One name that never came up in discussions between the two teams, however, was the Marlins superstar right fielder Giancarlo Stanton, according to Rob Bradford of WEEI.

"According to a major league source, despite the strong interest from the Marlins regarding Jon Lester leading into the non-waiver trade deadline, the Red Sox never engaged Miami in talks for outfielder Giancarlo Stanton.Along with Baltimore, Miami extended the best package of prospects to the Red Sox for Lester before the Sox decided to go with Oakland offer of Yoenis Cespedes for the pitcher and outfielder Jonny Gomes.With Miami’s motivation for acquiring Lester clearly appearing to be built from a desire to convince the Marlins’ fan base they were making a run at the playoffs this season, there was no indications that Stanton was going to be made available."

If the Marlins believe that they have a shot at resigning Stanton in the off-season, there is no point of them trying to trade him now, or even discuss his name with other teams.

As reported earlier, Marlins GM Dan Jennings believes that owner Jeffery Loria will open up his wallet for Stanton in the off-season, which increases the chances of the right handed slugger sticking in Miami longterm.

Stanton seems to be impressed with the Marlins direction in 2014 and that could lead to him signing with the Marlins longterm, especially if owner Jeffery Loria makes him an offer he cannot refuse.

With the constant Giancarlo trade rumors flying around Miami all the time, it was good to hear the positive news about Stanton that came out today.