Giancarlo Stanton Clarifies Comments…Sort Of


Earlier this week Stanton reminded everyone about the Marlins checkered past and just how difficult it is going to be for Miami to sign him to a contract extension this offseason. Senior Editor Ehsan Kassim wrote about it, along with a host of others.

Today, Juan Carlos Rodriguez provided some context to the statements that were made to Yahoo Sports, in his Marlins notes column 

"There is no answer to what my future is,” Stanton said. “If I say, ‘I don’t know,’ then it’s ‘He’s out.’ If I say anything else, ‘He’s in.’ That’s the basis of it…It’s not completely positive because of the past. There is no good. There is no bad. We’re here. We’re in a good spot. There’s where we are now. There is no, ‘Am I staying forever, am I leaving forever?’ There is no answer to that.”Stanton explained he was making the point that the positivity of the last few months doesn’t balance the scales as it relates to the negativity he’s felt the last several seasons.“That does not mean there’s more bad to come,” Stanton said. “That does not mean there’s more good to come.”"

So what Stanton is saying is that….wait what is he saying??? “It’s not completely positive because of the past.” Yet “There is no good. There is no bad.” Giancarlo, if something is not a positive, generally it is viewed as bad.

He also defends his statement by saying that if he says “he doesn’t know” then the narrative will be that he is leaving. I would say that the narritive would be you don’t know!

So by inflaming the situation and saying that he hasn’t forgotten about management’s mismanaging over the last 5 years, that it is the media’s fault for blowing it out of proportion? The only way he would have been more clearer is if he had said “screw you guys, I am heading to Cali.”

Some statements that athletes make require a clarification or some context. Giancarlo Stanton’s was not one of them.