Be a Part of New “Jose Guy” Video


By now, most Marlins’ fans know who Andy Salgado is, even if they may not know his name. Often referred to as the “Jose Guy” after his latest showing of passion for the Miami Marlins led him to commit to not cutting his hair or shaving his beard until Jose Fernandez returned from Tommy John surgery. While reports are unconfirmed whether he truly cried after finding out the length of time that Tommy John recovery actually takes, one thing is undeniable, Andy is the Marlins’ biggest fan. After crashing the MLB fan cave last year (with MLB’s permission of course) his passionate videos have been gaining steam culminating in this gem that outlined just how much Andy was going to miss Jose.

Well, it is time for Andy’s latest update on his “no shave” progress. In doing this, Andy is looking for input from other Marlins’ fans just like himself; you! Over the next week, Andy will be collecting questions that other fans have been asking him and sharing them in his progress video. Do you have a question that you wanted to ask Andy when you saw that video, or maybe a question that was sparked from some of his past videos? Maybe you have really been dying to know what Andy thinks of his Mom’s meatloaf? Everything is on the table!

There are a few ways you can ask your question. One of those is to leave a comment at the bottom of the page and Andy will be sure to look them over. You can also tweet your questions to @MarlinManiac or @latinoloco4rwf with the hashtag #AskJoseGuy. Maybe Facebook is more your style. Feel free to leave us a comment on Facebook under this post.

We are excited about the opportunity to be in Andy’s new video and we are hopeful that Rich and Tommy on Fox Sports Florida will air this video just like they aired his last one. Who knows, maybe your question will make it on TV, so get to asking! We only request that you keep it PG and have fun!