Giancarwho? Miami Marlins Winning #WithoutStanton


The old saying, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone” does not apply to the Miami Marlins without slugger Giancarlo Stanton. With their 6-5 victory over the New York Mets, the Marlins pulled to an even .500 winning percentage without their alleged superstar.

Stanton who was hit by a pitch in the face on Saturday night is hoping to return to the team, but his teammates feel like the team has better chemistry without Stanton.

"“Stanton was always hogging all the limelight”, third baseman Casey McGehee told Marlin Maniac in an exclusive interview that he does not actually know about. “He always talked about how much money he was going to get this off-season and what he was going to buy with it. He never worked on his game.”"

Since Stanton went down, the Marlins have gone 2-2, which puts them at a .500 winning percentage. With Stanton, the Marlins had an abysmal 71-75 record, which is a .489 winning percentage. Stretched out over a full-season, the Marlins would be tied with the Braves still in competition for a playoff spot.

Adeiny Hechavarria and Christian Yelich raved after the game that the feeling around the club is looser #WithoutStanton, as there is no one yelling at them all the time to go grab his equipment, even though he usually places it just two feet away from himself.

Hechavarria drove in the game tying run and collected two hits on the evening. He felt relief that there was no one in the clubhouse holding him down and telling him not to make Stanton look bad by playing up to his true potential.

After locking down his 36th save of the season, closer Steve Cishek pleaded for the Marlins front office to keep Stanton away. He told reporters that his struggles in the ninth inning came mostly as a result of Stanton bullying Cishek right before he came into the game.

"“He always called me from the phone in the dugout and told me if I completed the save, well, I cannot actually say what he said, it’s too disgusting’ Cishek told MM.”But he wanted the team to lose so he could have an excuse to force his way to Los Angeles and hopefully latch on with a Kardashian”"

Stanton could be done for the season and the Marlins are better off without the selfish superstar. For that reason, we need to get the #WithoutStanton trending on Twitter and show the world the Marlins are better off without the right fielder formally known as ‘Mike.’

Editor’s Note: The contents of this article are not to be taken seriously. This is a post intended only for entertainment purposes and the quotes from the Marlins players come from the voices in the editor’s head. Being a Marlins (and a Dolphins) fan has driven him off the cliff.