Giancarlo Stanton Injury: Agent Happy with Injury Aftermath


Will Giancarlo Stanton stay or will he go? That’s been the burning question that has surrounded the Miami Marlins since their fire sale trade with the Toronto Blue Jays two off-seasons ago.

Every bit of news seems to surround Stanton and his future in Miami at this point. At the trade deadline, there was talk about the Marlins not wanting to be sellers to appease the right fielder.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald spoke to Giancarlo’s agent, Joel Wolfe, and got some words of encouragement about Stanton’s feelings about the organization, including owner Jeffery Loria, in the aftermath of his terrifying injury.

"“The Marlins have been great –– spared no expense, opened up every possible door,” Wolfe said. “We couldn’t ask for more. David had other commitments that day and he spent hours with [Stanton’s] father, making him feel comfortable. It was a very decent thing to do.”"

We know in the past that Loria has been accommodating with his star player, as there were reports a few years ago that star short stop Hanley Ramirez was often given special privileges that were not granted to the other players. This included Loria buying Hanley a shining diamond necklace.

Jackson went onto note that Loria sent a private jet to pick Stanton and his father up from Milwaukee to Miami, called commissioner Bud Selig to find the best medical specialists for Stanton, and texted him continuously to keep a check on his health.

Either Loria really cares about Stanton or he is trying to save face and do whatever it will to keep Stanton in a Miami uniform for life.

As crazy as it may seem, I do think Loria cares about Stanton and fielding a competitive roster around him.

While the good will is great to see, when Jackson asked Wolfe if this would impact Stanton’s decision to stay in Miami, Wolfe noted that a decision is “not on his radar.”

What do you say Marlins fans? Is the Loria treatment of Stanton post-injury a sign of good things to come for Stanton in Miami? Or is Loria just a little to late to save face with the face of the franchise?