Giancarlo Stanton Rumors: Marlins offer to trump Mike Trout’s contract?


When the Los Angeles Angels resigned star outfielder Mike Trout to a contract extension in March, there was chatter around the Miami Marlins fanbase about what kind of contract the Marlins would have to offer Giancarlo Stanton when his time for an extension came.

The time is nearing for the Marlins to make a last ditched effort to keep Giancarlo in Miami for the long haul. The team is posturing to make a mega deal contract offer to Giancarlo this off-season.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Marlins could offer Stanton a contract that would top the one Trout signed with the Angeles just a few months ago.

"The offer for Stanton – terms aren’t determined yet — would buy out the last two years of arbitration and first three or four years of free agency. But the Marlins probably would need to top the six-year, $144 million deal the Angels gave Mike Trout, because that bought out only three free agent years. A six-year Stanton deal would buy out four free agent years."

Since Stanton’s sixth year would be a free agency year, you could expect to see the value of a contract offered Stanton like this one to go up at least $20-22 million. Would a six year, $165 million extension be something the Marlins offer to Stanton?

We are closer and closer to finding out Giancarlo’s true thoughts about the direction of this franchise. Him signing a contract extension would signify that the Marlins are close to becoming a contending team in Giancarlo’s eyes. If he rejects a deal, it likely signifies he still does not trust the owner Jeffery Loria and his checkered past.

Regardless of the outcome of the contract talks with Stanton, he’ll likely be with the Marlins for at least the beginning of the 2015 season, as the team prefers to keep him around to start the season.