Miami Marlins Rumors: Payroll to go up in 2015


The Miami Marlins are nearing the end of their 2014 campaign. This 2014 season has to be seen as a huge step in the right direction for the franchise, as they have improved their win total by 12 games with just seven games left in the season.

A key for the Marlins improving upon this season and becoming a contender next season is primarily tied to their payroll. The good news on this front, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Marlins payroll could go up in 2015, though details aren’t known yet:

"The Marlins have not set a firm payroll, but it will rise from $48 million, and they want to add another quality hitter who’s a run producer. Because the list of free agent second basemen is weak, they will primarily consider corner infielders to fill that need, knowing that arbitration-eligible Casey McGehee – who will be retained – can also play first base."

One name that has been thrown out as a player the Marlins could be interested in is the third baseman for the San Francisco Giants, Pablo Sandoval. Peter Gammons reported that the Marlins interest in Sandoval is strong, but the question surrounding Pablo will come down to if the Marlins offer enough and if he trusts the Marlins FO with their recent history of free agent signees.

"The Marlins are interested in Giants impending free agent third baseman Pablo Sandoval (.284, 16, 69) but it’s too early to tell how high they would be willing to bid. Landing Sandoval assuredly would impress Giancarlo Stanton, who will be offered a long-term contract."

No doubt a Sandoval signing would show Stanton that the Marlins are indeed committed to winning long-term, but the Marlins also need to make sure they do not overpay. The ramifications of overpaying a player are being seen with National League East opponent Atlanta Braves with their contracts of B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla.

Talks of the Marlins upping their payroll for next season is a fantastic team. Hopefully not only does the team follow through, but also hopefully they spend the money wisely.