Giancarlo Stanton Rumors: Marlins Willing to Bend No-Trade Clause Policy?


Giancarlo Stanton Rumors: Miami Marlins Willing to bend their no trade clause policy for Giancarlo Stanton.

The biggest topic of the off-season for the Miami Marlins will be the talk about extending their MVP candidate Giancarlo Stanton. In order to sign Stanton, the Marlins are going to need to prove to him that they are going to build a competitive team around him and that he’ll be in Miami for the duration of his contract.

That means he could want a no-trade clause as a part of any contract he signs with the Marlins.

According to Joe Frisaro of, the Marlins front office is appearing to be ready to concede their no trade clause policy in a potential contract with Giancarlo.

"Stanton is at the top of their priority list. My guess is talks will heat up around the time the General Managers Meetings in Phoenix get underway in mid-November. Money and organizational commitment will be two important factors. The front office has made it clear they want to build around Stanton. Now, they have to sell the two-time All-Star that Miami is a place to commit to for the next five or six years.For a deal to get done, I think the Marlins will have to make a creative offer. The team already appears willing to bend its no-trade clause policy. They may also have to agree to move in the fences over the length of the contract, and commit to beefing up payroll to remain competitive. Stanton wants to be part of a contender, and the team has to show it is on the verge of playing in October."

The fact that the Marlins are willing to forgo their no trade clause policy and even would discuss moving the fences in speaks to the magnitude of importance they have placed on Stanton. The team has been pressured by the MLB Union in the past to spend on it’s own players and losing Stanton would be a major blow to the fanbase that’s warming to the team again.

Resigning Giancarlo should be priority number 1 for the Miami Marlins this off-season. So far, it looks like the team is prepared to go to the end of the world to resign their slugging star. That’s good news for the Marlins.

Now let’s just hope Stanton is willing to put his faith in Jeffery Loria and the Marlins front office.