Ask Jose Guy 5 Month Update


On September 9, 2014 Chris Logel wrote an article here on Marlin Maniac giving a chance to the Marlin Family to once again be a part of my No Shave/Haircut Until Jose Fernandez Returns Update Video. The response was better than I expect. I was ready to answer everyone’s question on September 16, 2014 but a few days earlier Giancarlo Stanton went down due to a stray pitch. I knew I had to show some sort of support to Stanton like I did for Jose. The 4 month update video turned into the #GetWellGiancarlo update video. I did promise all the fans that we would do the Ask Jose Guy Update for my next video. Well October 16, 2014 came around and here it is…

I would like to thank you to everyone who sent in their questions, and I wanted to answer them all, but due to video’s time constraint I was only able to answer a few on the video. Don’t worry though, the fan questions that did not make it I will answer right now!

"“Ok so you live in Florida, you started growing everything in Mid May, It’s Summer, your beard will be longer next summer, please tell me you work indoors, if not how do you deal with the Florida heat?”"

My job has me outdoors most of the day, so the Florida heat does get to me a little bit, but luckily we are heading into winter soon so the next few months will be ok. Come April next year who knows. I’ve never had a full grown beard in the summer months, so all I can do is stay hydrated and stand in a shady area.

"“If you could pick any active pitcher to start Game 7 for you, who will it be?”"

Jose Fernandez! I mean, I’m a pretty big fan of his. If I need to pick a pitcher who can pitch right now, I would have to say Henderson Alvarez.

"“Boxers or Briefs?”"

Anything with a Marlins logo.

"“What’s your favorite Marlins Memory?”"

This is a tough one. I’ve followed the Marlins since game 1 in 1993, so there are so many to choice from.  If I only get to choose one it would be Charlie Hough’s first pitch for the Marlins. That pitch made me fall in love with the Fish.

"“Are you going to do anything fun with all that hair before you cut? IE braid, color, style in a weird way?”"

I’ve been thinking about that ever since I started this No Shave/Haircut, and I think I’m going to leave it up to the Marlin Family to choose what I will do. Stay tuned and keep an eye on my update videos for more details.

"“Who is your favorite Marlins Player of all time, and why?”"

Charlie Hough. That first pitch was the reason I’m a Marlins fan until the end.

"“how many inches has your hair grown?”"

The beard stretched out (it’s a bit curly) is about 3 inches, and the hair on my head about 3 ½- 4 inches.

"“What shows are you watching on TV?”"

Walking Dead, WWE Raw, Awkward, Faking It, MTV2 Off The Bat, Robot Chicken, South Park , Doctor Who, Arrow, Game Of Thrones, Power Rangers Super Mega Force, Anything on MLB Network, Ultimate Spider-Man, Attack on Titan, Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, and Avengers. That is what is on my DVR right now.

"“Favorite Catchphrase?”"

With great power comes great responsibility.

"“What… is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?African or European?”"

It all depends on the weight ratio. Nice Monty Python reference though!

Once again I would like to thank everyone who sent in their questions, this could not have been done without you. Keep coming back to Marlin Maniac and following me on Twitter (@LatinoLoco4rwf) as we continue the No Shave/Haircut Until Jose Come Back. Who knows, maybe we can do another Ask Jose Guy video. Until next time… Let’s Go Marlins!