‘Marlins Man’ Growing in Controversy


By now, any baseball fan who has enjoyed this spectacular postseason has noticed one of the more prominent Marlins’ fans front and center. Articles have been written on sites ranging from Deadspin, SB Nation, and even USA Today all referencing Laurence Leavy, the man in the bright orange Marlins shirt. Leavy is a lawyer from Florida, and a long-time season ticket holder. Even television shows like Around the Horn have talked about him.

Leavy attends many of the top sporting events and always is sure to support the Marlins wherever he goes. He traditionally wears the red/orange Marlins jersey that has become very popular among Marlins’ fans. It is this jersey that has caused some recent discord concerning other teams.

Originally, it was reported that the Royals offered Leavy a suite to move from his prime seats behind home plate during the game, then they offered to give him free Royals gear to change into. Leavy declined both offers. He loved his seat, and he loves his Marlins, so what seems to be the issue?

What started out as a civil discussion quickly took an ugly turn when it was leaked that the Royals stadium officials claimed that Leavy said that he didn’t even like the Marlins, and that he only did this for the attention.

With shots fired, Leavy, and many in the Marlins community have responded by showing just how passionate of a supporter Leavy is of the Fish.

One thing that should never be questioned is Marlins Man love for the Marlins. I don’t care how much attention someone enjoys, (and you have to enjoy it at least a little to drive a vehicle like that!) it is impossible to debate where his loyalties lie.  For the Royals to jump all over him and start saying things that aren’t true, seems pretty ridiculous on their end. Maybe they felt that by shaming him they could keep him away, not a chance.

After last night, the story took another fascinating turn. Leavy, in a classy move, gave his seat to a member of the United States Military who sang God Bless America (encountering some audio problems along the way). I am sure some will try and put a negative spin on this move as well. Some will claim that Leavy only did it for the publicity it would bring.

In response to those people, I have one phrase for Lawerence; Haters Gonna Hate.

Keep supporting those Marlins, and we will keep supporting you!

Way to go Marlins Man!