Marlin Family Live


With the World Series almost over, it be a while before we get to see baseball on our TVs again. Luckily for us Marlins Fan, we have a weekly blog show on Sunday at 7 PM called Marlin Family Live. Over the past few weeks Andy and Dann have talked about awards, offense, defense, and other Marlins news this offseason.

This week Andy and Dann will be counting down each of their top 5 Marlins moments in 2014 that they experienced in person. What this means is that they will be picking the 5 moments that they personally saw as Marlins fans. Knowing Andy, that is a lot to choose from; especially when you consider that he has been to over 20 games this season, is the No Shave/Haircut guy, and is a person who will travel a great distance for baseball. Don’t count out Dann, though. Dann himself was part of the Jacksonville Suns championship run, is part of the MILB Press team, and has interviewed and talked to countless players before they become Marlins.

That said, what kind of show would this be without you fans? Here is what the Marlins Family needs from you.

Tune in this Sunday at 7 pm to Marlins Family Live (, and call (646) 929-0934 to tell them your favorite moment that you witnessed personally as a Marlins Fans. Why call in? The main reason is to show the world that the Marlin Family is no joke, and that we have fans everywhere. Also Andy and Dann will be giving away prizes to those who call in and tell them about their favorite moments. You could win some cool stuff like a Marlins Soccer Jersey, Julio the Octopus Plush, a Christian Yelich Bobblehead, and much more. Tune in, call, and talk, that is all you have to do.

So join us Sunday November 2, 2014 for Marlins Family Live.