Where is Marlins Man? Found Him!


There was much anticipation across baseball nation about the return of Marlins Man to Kansas City. For those of you that remember, Kansas City is where the nation began to notice Laurence Leavy, the Miami Marlins fan who is an attorney for his day job. His passion though is attending some of the largest sporting events and wearing his favorite team’s colors at them.

After a bizarre exchange that began as something cordial, and to some extent normal, turned ugly, many were looking forward to exactly what would happen when game 6 returned to Kansas City.

The story goes on to say that the Royals management asked Leavy to move to a suite out of the line of cameras. Leavy politely declined and also declined an offer for free Royals merchandise to change into. That is something that while, not frequent, certainly isn’t unheard of. What transpired next was truly crazy.

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They Royals PR began to spread stories that claimed Marlins Man was nothing more than an attention seeking narcissist. They claim that Leavy told them that he didn’t even like the Marlins, he just wore their colors to stand out.

Of course Marlins Man refuted their lies by posting all kinds of  photos of him with loads of Marlins merchandise, and even a Marlins car. Leavy wasn’t done though. According to CBS Sports, Leavy was going to do his best to make the Royals pay for telling lies about him.

"So will Leavy attend Game 6 and, if necessary, Game 7 back at KC’s Kauffman Stadium? “Yes, and they don’t want me to go,” he said. “I have the same tickets. Watch what happens. I’m going to hold up signs, like, ‘The Royals are liars.'”"

While I would find this absolutely hilarious, I highly doubt the Royals would see it the same as me. As a matter of fact, all stadiums confiscate signs that are inflammatory or disparage the brand. While I didn’t think that Leavy would follow through with it, and I certainly didn’t think that the Royals would let him, I was very surprised to see that he is not in his customary seats for the start of game 6.

This doesn’t mean that he is not on his way. I know that he has become very popular and actually gets stopped for autographs now. As a matter of fact, this was posted just a minute ago.

I predict that the Marlins Man will be in his seat before the end of the 3rd inning. Lets see if I am right.


Marlins Man has indeed found his customary place behind home plate. No word yet on why he was running late, but we will continue to monitor social media and provide you with the latest updates surrounding Marlins Man!