Giancarlo Stanton Rumors: Marlins Willing to Include No Trade Clause?


Resigning Giancarlo Stanton to a long-term extension remains priority number 1 for the Marlins. The team is already made it known they are comfortable with the $28-30 million annual salary that Stanton could receive. The next step for the Marlins to take might be waiving their stance against giving out no-trade clauses in contracts.

According to Joel Sherman, the Marlins could be open to the idea of changing that policy, at least when it comes to the situation of Giancarlo’s.

The Marlins have a very steadfast policy against giving away no-trade clauses in a contract. They were not willing to waive that policy for Albert Pujols in 2011 and ultimately lost him to the Los Angeles Angels.

A reason the team does not give these clauses out is due to what happened during the 2011 season. The Marlins front office took note that the alignment of that team would be nothing more than mediocre and decided they wanted to start over. They were able to do so because Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle did not have no trade clauses in their contracts.

This is a policy that many teams hold, including the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, the Dodgers and other ballclubs have much better histories than the Marlins when it comes to fire sales.

Giancarlo saw what the Marlins did with the free agents that signed in Miami. If he signs a long-term pack in Miami, he wants to be sure that he’ll spend the entirety of the contract in Miami. Unless of course he and the team mutually consent a trade, which is a different story.

Hopefully the Marlins wise up and don’t allow a silly policy to get in the way of resigning Giancarlo.