Meet Your New Marlin Maniac Co-Editor: Scott Alfano


I’m Scott Alfano and I’m your new Marlin Maniac Co-Editor. For the record, I’m on the left in that photo. It was taken during this year’s MLB Home Run Derby. Along with Ehsan Kassim, we are going to provide the Marlins fan base with breaking news, in depth articles, and complete coverage from the Marlins to the Muckdogs in a way you, the fan, have never seen from us before.

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I grew up in the Bronx, New York and have played baseball my entire life. As a lefty, I naturally became a pitcher and a first baseman. Through modest success in high school, I found myself lucky enough to pitch in college for Union College in upstate New York. Unfortunately, I tore my shoulder the summer after my freshman season and my short post high school career was over.

I have been writing about baseball for a number of years, most recently for the Yankees Fansided affiliate, Yanks Go Yard. I do have experience with the Marlins. I was involved in getting Marlins Country Radio off the ground, both with its online article presence, and as a personality on the radio show.

I am excited to be joining Marlin Maniac at a time when the team is making a serious move into playoff contention. Between Giancarlo Stanton’s MVP caliber season, Christian Yelich pulling down a Gold Glove in left at just 21 years of age, and Jose Fernandez coming back from Tommy John surgery to take back over the National League, the Marlins have a ton of positives in the organization right now.

I have lived in Orlando for a little over three years and make my way to Marlins Stadium whenever possible. Now that I am in this role, I expect to be at games far more often so the site can get some live coverage. I might not be playing anymore, but I am more immersed in baseball than ever and I cannot wait to share that passion with all of you.