Giancarlo Stanton Thanks Marlins Fans With A Letter


The Miami Marlins’ big money superstar Giancarlo Stanton has a lot to be celebrating about these days. His new 13-year $325 million dollar contract has made him the highest player in the history of professional sports. He recently shared a bottle of a $20 thousand dollar champagne at a Miami nightclub, not that he even paid for it. Yes, signing big money means you get even more lavish gifts thrown upon you.

The Marlins’ front office has promised to bulk up the roster around him with a supporting cast and bring the Marlins back into contention. Not to mention he’s solidified his name as one of the faces of the game of baseball. Yes, Giancarlo Stanton has a whole lot to celebrate about and he wrote a little something up to help you share it with him.

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Normally fans don’t see this kind of letter until a player is traded or retires. It really says a lot about who Stanton is as a person to give the Miami fans a letter like this now. Giancarlo Stanton made his Major League debut on June 8, 2010. He soon established himself as one of the best raw power hitters in the game and turned himself into one of baseball’s biggest stars. It has been over four years since that debut. In that time the outfielder formerly known as Mike Stanton became Giancarlo, the Florida Marlins became the Miami Marlins, the team went on a spending spree, and then a selling spree.

Stanton was involved in more trade rumors than you can count. The Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Los Angeles Angles, the Los Angeles Dodgers. On and on it went. Now, he is obviously out of trade talks for good. The rumors are over and his superior talent will be showcased in Miami for the next 13 years, if he does not exercise his opt out after six years. Yes, Stanton has a lot to celebrate about, but Marlins fans do too. The four years of headache and worry over losing a star are over. Giancarlo Stanton is here to stay. Let’s help the big man celebrate!