Greatest Moments in Marlins History (Redux): #103 Yelich the Golden Boy


Sep 21, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins left fielder Christian Yelich can

In the 20 plus years the Marlins have been around they have won countless awards. Some you have already seen on this countdown, some are still to come. With 6 Gold Glove already on this countdown and spoiler alert 3 more to come, Moment #103 has a very distinct honor for the Marlins in the Gold Glove department. Moment #103: Christian Yelich’s 2014 Gold Glove.

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Yelich may not be the flashiest left fielder the Marlins have ever had, but boy what a great job he did out there in 2014. Among all qualifying left fielders in the National League, Yelich posted a .996 Fileding Percentage which led both the National League and American League. Yelich also only committed one error in left field, which guess what? led both the National League and the American League in that category too! His Range Factor (ugg sabermetrics) is 1.99 which leads the National League. Yelich is 2nd in the National League with Put Outs with 255. These are all very impressive numbers, but something else makes this moment a little more special.

Yelich received this Gold Glove at the old age of 22. This makes Yelich the youngest Gold Glover in a Marlins uniform! There is one more impressive stat we have to look at. First I want you to think about all the great outfielders the Marlins have had on their team. I’ll give you a second… You got it? Ok now think about this, Yelich is the first Marlins outfielder to win a Gold Glove! What a cool honor for Yelich!

Join me next time and see what moment from 2014 makes it on to the list for Greatest Moments in Marlins History. Until next time… Let’s Go Marlins.