Fansided Faux Winter Meetings Wrap-Up for Marlin Maniac

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Dec 9, 2013; Orlando, FL, USA; Jarrod Saltalamacchia twirls his daughter Sloan Saltalamacchia before being introduced as the Miami Marlins

Two weeks ago I introduced the project the Fansided MLB Network was working on: The 2014 FanSided Faux Winter Meetings. The “Meetings” began on the 17th and concluded on the 24th. In that week, the editors and authors of the Fansided MLB Network discussed trades among each other and signed free agents, in trying to get their respective team to become a playoff contender, or potentially rebuild.

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I’ve wanted to get a wrap-up of the moves I conducted the past few days, but had not found the time. I decided to finally get it up today, as a sort of preview for the real Winter Meetings that begin in San Diego Monday morning.

Over the next few slides, you’ll see how I did over the course of Faux Winter Meetings. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the alignment of my roster.

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