Dan Haren Wants To Be Dealt To Padres Or Angels


By now, everyone who follows the Miami Marlins is well aware that recently acquired right-handed pitcher Dan Haren has no desire whatsoever to pitch for the Fish. And it has nothing to do with the Marlins’ organization itself. It simply comes down to Haren’s preference at this point in his career, to live and work on the west coast. During his career, Haren has spent time in Oakland, Arizona, Anaheim, and most recently, the L.A. Dodgers, who the Marlins acquired Haren from.

Haren went so far as to inform the Dodgers, that if he was dealt during this off-season anywhere but to a west coast team, he would retire, thus walking away from his $10 million salary for 2015. As luck would have it, Haren did get dealt, to the Marlins, and he’s holding true to his word, that he will not pitch for Miami in 2015, and has now, according to CBS Sports and MLB Network Baseball Insider Jon Heyman, requested an additional trade to either the San Diego Padres or to his former team, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

The problem for Haren, is that he has absolutely zero bargaining power. He didn’t have a no-trade clause in his current contract, and it’s coming down to “Pitch where you are placed, or retire.” The Dodgers, knowing of Haren’s threat to walk, even ensured the deal with the Marlins got done, by guaranteeing the Fish Haren’s $10 mil whether he threw a single pitch for them or not.

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The Padres are pitching-rich, with the big three of Andrew Cashner, Tyson Ross, and Ian Kennedy leading their rotation, not to mention the recent re-signing of former Marlins’ ace Josh Johnson and former Blue Jays’ fireballer Brandon Morrow. The Padres are not in the market for a starter, unless GM A.J. Preller decides to continue flipping pieces, which might include one or more of his starting pitchers. At that point, Haren might become an attractive option. The Marlins are in search of a fourth outfielder, and with the recent acquisitions of Matt Kemps, Wil Myers and Justin Upton, the Padres have a plethora of outfielders, any of whom might be an attractive option of the Marlins.

The Angels on the other hand, have already stated they do not wish for a reunion with their one-time hurler. The team also has a logjam of outfielders, having just acquired Matt Joyce from the Rays, along with Mike Trout and the behemoth contract of Josh Hamilton. The Angels have spent the past two seasons cultivating their revamped starting rotation, and the need for Haren doesn’t appear existent. So, either Haren gets his wish, and gets a trade to the west coast, decides to retire, or settles and pitches for the Marlins. Stay tuned as more drama unfolds…

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