A quick glance at the Marlins 2015 payroll situation


The Marlins enjoyed a busy and productive offseason, and with pitchers and catchers reporting to Jupiter in just over a month, we have a pretty good idea of what the roster is going to look like.

Miami is still seeking a fourth outfielder and has recently expressed aggressive interest in free agent Ichiro Suzuki. Other than that, it’s pretty likely the team will break camp next month with the players already under contract.

The Marlins announced a 2015 team payroll somewhere in the $60-65 million range. If that’s the case, after their three arbitration cases are settled in a few weeks, the Marlins will be very near their payroll target with Spring Training still to determine some reserve roster spots.

Miami has 11 players with set contracts for 2015 right now.

Those contracts amount to $60.725 million. Keep in mind the New York Yankees are paying $3 million of Martin Prado‘s salary and the Los Angeles Dodgers are picking up all $10 million owed to Dan Haren. So the Marlins actually owe $47.725 million in guaranteed money to those players.

Three players: Mat Latos ($8.4 MM), Mike Dunn ($2.3 MM) and David Phelps ($1.3 MM) will have their cases heard in arbitration next month after failing to reach agreeable terms with the team this week (Estimated arbitration salaries in parentheses, courtesy of MLB Trade Rumors.)

Assuming those figures are correct, the Marlins would be at $59.725 million, with 11 players still left to fill out the 25-man roster. MLBTR notes that the rest of the team would likely make close to league minimum, which will be $507,500 in 2015.

The Marlins remaining unsigned, club-controlled players:

You’d have to think some of these players will work out slight raises above league minimum this year. Yelich, Ozuna, Hechavarria, Cosart and maybe a couple others should have some leverage after strong performances in 2014.

Several of these players have begun talking contract extensions, but the Marlins aren’t in a hurry to lock down any of their young talent just yet.

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As it stands, the Marlins are getting close to their budget for 2015. Don’t expect to see any more landmark signings before Opening Day. James Shields and Max Scherzer aren’t coming to Miami. Sorry. Ichiro seems like a real possibility, and would be a fantastic complement to the best outfield in baseball.

The Marlins are making out like bandits this year. Its two most expensive players – Martin Prado and Dan Haren – are being paid largely by their former clubs. And of course the Haren soap opera has yet to be settled; the Marlins are still debating over what to do with the veteran pitcher. If they deal Haren or he retires, they gain $10 million of wiggle room from the Dodgers, and perhaps gain some leeway to bring in a new piece somewhere.

Player salary graph courtesy of Spotrac.

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