Giancarlo Stanton: How Many Home Runs Will He Hit in 2015?


It’s a well known fact that no human on planet earth can match the raw power of Giancarlo Stanton. Bomb sirens sound all over Miami when Big G gets ahold of one. Mothers hide their children and scoreboards. Marlins fans bought tickets for one reason last year: A chance to see Stanton crush baseballs with relentless ferocity.

You want examples?

Giancarlo does things like this….

Let’s not forget this one:

I think I’ve made my point. What’s the reason for all of this?

Well, the biggest, strongest, most powerful guy in baseball has never hit 40 home runs in a season. He has struggled with injuries early in his career, and he plays in one of the biggest parks in all of baseball. Stanton had a real shot at breaking Gary Sheffield‘s team record of 42 bombs last season, but he came up short when his season came to a screeching halt during the second week of September, from taking a Mike Fiers pitch to the face.

Something has to give, Giancarlo Stanton has hit 37 home runs twice in his five-year career. Both years, he played less than a full season. If Stanton can stay healthy (and avoid freak accidents), there is no question that he could easily hit 40+ home runs.

Stanton showed no signs of lingering lower body injuries last season, so all indications point to him playing a full season in 2015.

My prediction for Stanton in 2015?

A full season, filled with righteous silencing of critics who question his long-term value, by smashing baseball left and right en route to a 45 home run campaign.

His total will not only break the Marlins single season record, but he will lead the National League in homers by a wide margin. For those of you who are superstitious, fear not,  I knocked on wood 45 times while writing this paragraph.

Feel free to jump in with your predictions in the comments! Am I out of my mind for thinking Giancarlo Stanton will shatter his massive expectations?

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