Marlins Close to Signing Christian Yelich to 7 year, $49 Million Extension


There have been multiple reports that the Marlins have reached a $49.5 million over seven years with young talented outfielder Christian Yelich.  Yelich who only after only two years of service time in the Major Leagues has already made a name for himself winning the 2014 National League Gold Glove for left fielders.

Yelich who is only in has age 23 season had already showed the variety of tools that he has to offer in the future.  Yelich is most renowned for his plate discipline and pitch selection having compiled an OBP over .362 both of his years in the Major Leagues, to go along with an impressive walk rate over 10% both of his first two years in The Show.

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Currently Yelich is a great doubles hitter if his home run power has not yet shown up as of yet.  Yelich also has one of the prettiest and most technically sound left-handed swings in the majors which led to not having a single infield pop-up in all of 2014. Yelich while not a speedster has shown that he can steal a few bases and is a great – smart – baserunner.

But truly his second biggest asset after his on-base skill is the defense. Yelich won the 2014 NL Gold Glove in the outfield and that supported by a very good 13 DRS in left fielf. Yelich’s range, speed, body type and overall defensive instincts make him one of the most talent young defensive outfielders in the game. His 13 DRS put him as the third best corner outfielder in the game only rating behind the universally acclaimed Jason Heyward and Alex Gordon.

Finally, given all the skills that Yelich brings to the table as well as his age, a seven-year contract that buys out the four remaining years of his arbitration eligibility and his first few years of free agency is potentially a bargain. Especially if he keeps putting up 10+ DRS and 4+ WAR seasons for the foreseeable future. It seems like the Marlins have Alex Gordon or Jayson Werth on their hands through his 20s and I’m glad the team did it.

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