Will Jeffrey Loria Get Credit if Miami Marlins Have Success?


Perhaps no person in South Florida sports (or perhaps even American sports) is associated with such guttural anger and instinctive vitriol than Miami Marlins owner, Jeffrey Loria. His decision to “press the reset button” after the inaugural season in Marlins Park was immensely frustrating and disappointing to the South Florida market (a market that doesn’t “do” rebuilding years). A feeling of immense, bruising betrayal quickly diffused throughout the market and presumed motivations of greed were speculated upon.

Well fast forward just two years later – and it’s a whole new world for the Miami Marlins and Marlins fans. National experts are predicting the Fish will earn a postseason spot. Some even have the Marlins playing in the World Series. There’s momentum, there’s positivity, there’s optimism, and from all signs, there’s a pretty good baseball team here.

Now here’s the big question – does the evil, greedy villain owner get any credit?

Or does he only get blame for the bad and not get credit for the good? It wouldn’t make objective sense to do so– but then again, sports has never been about objectivity.

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I’m going to say it – Jeffrey Loria deserves credit for the state of the Marlins. The culture is positive, there’s a young core that is under club control for many years to come at a manageable payroll, he appointed a charismatic, intelligent and forward-thinking leader to take the helm (Michael Hill), and he signed the franchise player to an unprecedented contract. He deserves credit for all that.

But South Florida gives him none. Why is that?

Dan Jennings, Vice President and General Manager, has referred to Loria in the past and described him: “No one I have ever met in this business wants to win as much as Jeffrey Loria.” It’s completely understandable that fans don’t want to “press reset” – but sometimes doing the unpopular thing is the right thing.

Marlins fans suffered desperately in 2013, but a “take one step back to take two steps forward” approach appears to have come to fruition.

There are certainly many factors for the optimistic position the Marlins find themselves in, but if we’re going to make the owner the overwhelming primary reason for the negative stuff, well then should the South Florida market consider doing the same for the positive stuff?

What do you think? Will Jeffrey Loria get credit from Marlins fans?

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