Miami Marlins Round Table Discussion (Part 1): When Will Jose Fernandez Return?

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Dec 8, 2014; San Deigo, CA, USA; Miami Marlins manager Mike Redmond speaks to media at MLB Winter Meetings at Manchester Grand Hyatt. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

4. You are Mike Redmond, align the Marlins lineup how you’d like.

Ehsan Kassim: If I was Mike Redmond, I’d be richer and not writing for a blog, but I digress:

1. Yelich, 2. Prado, 3. Giancarlo, 4. Ozuna, 5. Morse, 6. Salty, 7. Hech, 8. Pitcher, 9. Dee.

Joe Maddon had a similar lineup on Opening Night for the Cubs (and it kind of didn’t work) and it would be a fun lineup throughout the season. 

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Travis Honeycutt:

1. Christian Yelich, LF
2. Martin Prado, 3B
3. Giancarlo Stanton, RF
4. Michael Morse, 1B
5. Marcell Ozuna, CF
6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
7. Dee Gordon, 2B
8. Adeiny Hechavarria, SS

Daniel Zylberkan: My perfect lineup would be. Hitting the pitcher 8th would allow the Marlins to have two leadoff hitters.
Yelich LF
Prado 3B
Stanton RF
Morse 1B
Ozuna CF
Saltalamacchia C
Hechavarria SS
Gordon 2B

Miller Lepree: 

1. Yelich
2. Prado
3. Stanton
4. Morse
5. Ozuna
6. Saltalamacchia
7. Hechavarria
8. Pitcher
9. Gordon

David Polakoff: My ideal lineup has a better leadoff option than Gordon. But given that that player isn’t on the team, I’d swap Ozuna and Prado in the lineup, with Ozuna 5th and Prado 6th.

Dillon Murrell: My line up is:

Michael Sonbeek: I’ve had this discussion many of times on here with Dillon, another writer on this site and we both tend to agree that Stanton should hit second. Which may shock some people.
Yelich LF
Stanton RF
Gordon 2nd
Ozuna CF
Morse 1B
Prado 3rd
Salty C
Hech SS

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