Miami Marlins Round Table Discussion (Part 2): Which Trade Will the Marlins Regret?

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Mar 29, 2015; Kissimmee, FL, USA; New York Yankees starting pitcher Nathan Eovaldi (30) throws a pitch during the first inning of a spring training baseball game against the Houston Astros at Osceola County Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

2. Which player traded this off-season will the Marlins regret trading the most?

Ehsan Kassim: Nathan Eovaldi. While I thought the Martin Prado trade was not a bad trade, it was still selling low on Eovaldi and his raw ability. Spring training doesn’t carry much weight, but Eovaldi was explosive and striking hitters out better than he has in the past. Hopefully that’s an indicator of what he does in 2015.

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Daniel Zylberkan: I can’t get over how bad the Dee Gordon trade was. The Marlins gave up one of the premier left-handed pitching prospects in the game and two very versatile value type players for what? Dee Gordon, a guy who’s had one good season in the Majors and is a limited speed only guy, and Dan Harena marginal aging back of the rotation guy who can even break 90 with his fastball anymore. Even with the Dodgers eating $10 million of his contract the Marlins are hurting themselves by trotting Haren out there every fifth day until Fernandez returns, barring any other injuries.

Miller Lepree: I think Nathan Eovaldi will shine in New York, and Cosart will flounder in Miami, leaving a bad taste in their mouth. However, I don’t fault the Marlins for trading him, they don’t use advanced stats and just saw a pitcher with a bad ERA.

David Polakoff: They didn’t trade him, but the Marlins will regret letting go of Mark Canha. He will have a solid season for the Athletics.

Dillon Murrell: Nathan Eovaldi. If he makes the appropriate adjustments, he’ll be a frontline starter. He seems to have started to make those adjustments in Spring Training. While trading Eovaldi was necessary for the Marlins to upgrade at third base, I think they’re going to quietly regret trading him.

Michael Sonbeek: Nathan Eovaldi. He will be one of the MLBs’ breakout players this year.

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