Miami Marlins Index: Braves Blow Marlins Out

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Stats: 1/1 3B (1), 1 RBI <p><strong><a href=. PH. Miami Marlins. DONOVAN SOLANO. A

Stats: 0/1 3 BB <p>We are not the Cinncinatti Reds organization, so we won’t bash Giancarlo Stanton for having a <strong><a href=. RF. Miami Marlins. GIANCARLO STANTON. B+

1B. Miami Marlins. MICHAEL MORSE. D. Stats: 0/4 3 SO, 6 LOB <p>Stanton got on base 3 times. Unfortunately, Morse did nothing behind him. This includes a strikeout in his first at bat with the bases loaded and none out. </p>

<p>A down game for the Marlins, as after a 7 inning first, the air was taken out of Marlins Park and the Marlins. A 10-run loss looks bad no matter when the game takes place, especially against a team that’s supposed to struggle. The team plays its rubber game tomorrow against the Braves, hoping to avoid an embarrassing 3-game sweep to star their season. </p>. . Miami Marlins. . F

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