Miami Marlins Index: Braves Edge Marlins as Latos Struggles

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F. <p>Mike Redmond should not have allowed Mat Latos to come back into the game after the rain delay. He really should not have brought him back after his 4th inning. Alas, Red does not make the best decisions and he further exacerbated that bringing in a low leverage reliever like Sam Dyson in a tie game with runs being at a premium for the Marlins this season.</p>. Manager. Miami Marlins. MIKE REDMOND

Miami Marlins. . D. <p>Sigh, another loss for the Miami Marlins in 2015. The loss drops them to 1-6 and the 88 win plateau it could take to make the playoffs would now require the Fish to go 87-68 the rest. Do they have enough to do that? I’m not so sure.</p>.