Miami Marlins Series Preview: Revisiting the Marlins-Jays Blockbuster Trade

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Jun 27, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins center fielder Jake Marisnick (23) at bat against the Oakland Athletics at Marlins Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Marlin Maniac: With the Jays and Marlins meeting for the first time since the blockbuster trade, how do you feel the trade has panned out for the Jays? Anyone from that deal you wish the Jays still had?

Kyle Franzoni: I think in hindsight, the Blue Jays would reconsider the deal in a heartbeat. Not only did they give up a ton of young talent that could potentially be helping the club now or could have been flipped in more appropriate deals, it also led Toronto to make the ill-advised deal for R.A. dickey that cost them Noah Syndrrgaard. If the Jays had just waited for Syndrrgaard, Justin Nicolino, Anthony DeSclafani, and Jake Marisnick, it could be argued they’d be right where they are today with less of a financial implication.

MM: The Jays have gotten off to a slow start, despite a pretty good run differential. What’s gone wrong and how can they turn things around?

KF: If you look at Toronto’s expected win-loss record, you can see that the Blue Jays are a victim of their own late-game and close-game follies. Pitching has been a sore spot, especially out of the bullpen. The funny thing was it was listed as the team’s priority heading into last winter, yet it was the one spot the Jays left completely untouched.

MM: Josh Donaldson, Russell Martin, or other: who has been the biggest off-season addition for the Jays?

KF: No doubt that it has been Donaldson. You can almost see this team actually transitioning to Josh’s team, something I believe that Alex Anthopoulos was anticipating when he acquired the third baseman.

MM: The first round of the MLB draft is set to take place today. Who do you think the Jays target based on past drafts?

KF: The Blue Jays have a history of taking the best available player in the draft, regardless of organizational need. That will likely hold true this year, especially with Toronto drafting at #29.

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