Miami Marlins: New FishCast With ESPN Writer, Dan Szymborski


As you probably know or not know, Marlin Maniac has a podcast! We started this podcast a few weeks ago. We discuss the past week of Marlins news that we didn’t get to write about. 

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This past podcast was special. Last night we had a guest, Dan Szymborski, an ESPN writer.

We discussed many Miami Marlins things, Dan gave his views on trades, injuries and performance. We also had some fun on the podcast when we discussed Marlins’ Slugger Giancarlo Stanton devilish candy eating ways.

You can watch the podcast here:

We’d like to thank Dan for giving up his time to come on the show! We hope to have him on again one day.

Tune in every Sunday for our Marlin Maniac podcast. Next week, we are tentatively scheduled to have Nathaniel Stoltz, a writer on Fangraphs, join the show to discuss the Miami Marlins prospects. Please tune in.

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