Miami Marlins: Who Is To Blame?


After another loss on Wednesday night, the Miami Marlins fell to 13 games under .500. After high expectations coming into the season, the Marlins have done, well, nothing good this year.

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The only bright spot has been Giancarlo Stanton who has done Giancarlo Stanton things.

But who is to blame for this Marlins mess?

When the Marlins were 16-22 they blamed Mike Redmond and fired him, they then replaced him with Dan Jennings.

The Marlins are now 14-21 under the belt with Jennings and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that this isn’t a good record. But is Dan Jennings now to blame?

The Marlins don’t think so since they are more than confident that he will return as the manager next year.

So who do we blame? The players? Management?

The answer to this is probably everyone.

The Miami Marlins’ players haven’t been playing great. Everyone in the lineup has been under performing except for Stanton and let me say this, if you put any type of blame on Stanton for the Marlins’ record, please stop watching baseball.

Stanton has been one of the best players in baseball this season, leading the MLB in home runs and RBIs. It’s June and the man has 27 home runs. Last year, when he lead the league in homers, Stanton hit his 27th home run in August. Currently, he is on pace for a 60+ home run season which has only happened eight time in major league history. So please if you are going to place the blame on a player, don’t let the player be Giancarlo Stanton.

You can blame many other players, from Michael Morse to Steve Cishek.

The injury bug has hit the Marlins as well, but you can’t use that as an excuse. They’ve lost Henderson Alvarez, Mat Latos, Jarred Cosart, and Jose Fernandez all to the DL, but every team has injuries, so like I said not an excuse.

Probably the best people to blame for this mess? Marlins management. They didn’t do a great job with putting this team together, so them getting blamed for this mess is fair.

In my opinion, Loria needs to revamp his front office. He needs a guy who has bought into analytics to build this team.

Look at all the teams that use it. Those teams are usually the teams that are winning a lot of games and are playing in October, a place the Marlins haven’t been since 2003.

I truly believe with a new front office that buys into analytics, the Miami Marlins could build a team that will win many games in South Florida.

Until then the Marlins will be in the same shape.

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