Marlins Missing All-Star Game: Does ASG Miss Them?

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Four years, nearly zero stats, though Renteria did manage to score.

But that small victory was dramatically outshone by the fact that in the first post fire-sale All-Star Game, the 1998 NL roster featured five 1997 World Champions that didn’t currently play for Florida.

  • 1997: Moises Alou gets a hit, Kevin Brown scoreless inning, three Marlins in the game, and we win our first title.
  • 1996: Kevin Brown and Al Leiter combine for no runs in effective relief.
  • 1995: The Jeff Conine Game.  All-Star MVP on a winning HR.
  • 1994: Conine DNP
  • 1993: Gary Sheffield 2 for 3, HR, 2 RBI, Bryan Harvey scoreless inning. Plus everything is awesome, we have a baseball team.

Which one of these, doesn’t belong, right? A glorious first foray into All-Star play.

The NL actually won three of these five games. Conine wins the MVP award, while Sheffield turns in the best performance in Marlins All-Star history in their first year.  

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In 1997, no one could have predicted what was to come. But in twenty-two seasons since that first All-Star game with a Marlin, no one has passed Sheff’s tally. And in eighteen seasons since ’97, you’d struggle to find two All-Star games where you were actually pretty satisfied with how your hero played.  It’s been that bleak.

So, there’s that.

Tonight’s conversation pre-game will likely be all about how the guy that, despite missing over two weeks, is still leading baseball in home runs isn’t playing. And neither is the guy leading baseball in hits.

And what a blow that is to the organization, and all the fans that voted.

By not being on the field to make a mistake, any commentary will have to focus on the stats that got them their, which are sterling.  So if you hear any Marlins chatter tonight, it’ll ultimately be positive.

Having two guys voted in is an immense honor, one to be celebrated.  And if you consider the history outlined above, it could well be the Marlin’s finest All-Star Game ever- without even taking the field.

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