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Despite what has been a rough season for the Miami Marlins, the team is seeing fan interest rise. According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Marlins television ratings are on the upswing.

"Marlins ratings are on the upswing.Despite the team’s disappointing first half, Marlins ratings are somewhat on the rise, up 19 percent compared with Marlins cablecasts before last year’s All-Star break.Marlins games on Fox Sports Florida are being viewed on average, by 31,511 people in this market, compared with a 27,000 per-game final average last season. That 27,000 ranked ahead of only Houston’s 8000 in 2014, according to Sports Business Daily.Thanks largely to the Marlins, Fox Sports Florida says it’s the No. 1 rated cable channel in prime time in Dade/Broward on nights the Marlins are playing."

This is excellent news for a franchise that has long struggled to appease their fan base, despite winning two championships in their short history. The signing of Giancarlo Stanton could have been the biggest factor in the Marlins fan interest going up.

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Miami Marlins Midseason Review: Bullpen – Michael Jong, Fishstripes

A lot of things have gone wrong for the Miami Marlins in 2015. The offense has struggled mightily. The starting pitching has been poor, no matter what the clubhouse apparently thinks. The Fish are heading nowhere fast this season. But they can take solace in the fact that some parts of their team have gone well. For example, the team has had a spectacular bullpen thus far in 2015. A spectacular bullpen is wasted on an overall poor team, but the Marlins’ pen has been one of the best in the league regardless of overall record. They are doing their best to hold lost games as close as they have.

The Marlins had one horrific performance out of the pen that dragged their ERA through the mud. The team’s bullpen ERA ranks at just 11th in the league, but it belies a fantastic underlying performance. The Fish own a 2.91 FIP that is tops in the league. Marlins relievers have the eighth-highest strikeout rate and 14th-best walk rate, neither of which sound terribly impressive. However, the team has allowed the lowest rate of home runs in the league; the Fish are tied with the Mets for just 14 home runs allowed by the pen, and Miami’s relievers have thrown 40 more innings than New York’s. Only two other teams have allowed less than 20 homers on the year. Miami’s pen has allowed fewer home runs than Dan Haren has in more than 2.5 times the innings pitched! (Read More Here)

Pay Ball! Why Miami Marlins Sued Real Estate Investor – Eleazar David Melendez, Daily Business Review

It’s not a stretch to say Sam Herzberg is having a pretty good real estate cycle.

The prominent South Florida investor sold a portfolio of properties in Miami’s Design District last year at a profit of over $25 million, plowing the returns back into hot markets in South Beach and Miami’s Little Havana.

Yet according to the Miami Marlins, the owner of the Sterling Building at 1111 Lincoln Rd. owes money on a four-year season ticket contract. (Read More Here)

First-half review: Marlins’ postseason hopes depend on quick turnaround – Christina De Nicola, Fox Sports Florida

During spring training, the Miami Marlins spoke about aspiring to play games into October.

The offseason moves — acquiring second baseman Dee Gordon, first basemanMichael Morse, third baseman Martin Prado as well as right-handers Dan Haren and Mat Latos — were supposed to upgrade the roster and help the Marlins achieve this goal. Miami, after all, improved by 15 games from 2013-14. It had become an upward trend on the scale. (Read More Here)

Miami Marlins reliever Carter Capps mesmerizing batters with quirky delivery – Clark Spencer, Miami Herald

Carter Capps was throwing gas. The velocity gauge on the scoreboard at Marlins Park said so. Ninety-nine mph. Then 100. Eventually, Capps reared back and got it up to 101.

The display glowed red.

The crowd oohed.

Capps faced three Cincinnati batters Sunday, struck out two. Par for the course — for him.

With a quirky, one-of-a-kind delivery, a 100 mph fastball, and one of the highest strikeouts rates in major league history, the reliever has baseball people — astonished hitters, in particular — abuzz in wonder and disbelief. (Read More Here)

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