Miami Marlins: Introducing the Fan Pitch


Hello Marlins fans! Beginning this month, Marlin Maniac will be introducing a new way for you, the fans, to interact.

It’s called the Fan Pitch. Here’s how it will work:

Every week, you will get the chance to pitch in article ideas, as many of them as you want, using the hashtag ‘#MMfanpitch’ for a chance at getting your article idea posted.

Beginning on Monday of each week, you will have the chance to submit your idea via twitter. Examples include: “@MarlinManiac, who are the top 5 Marlins of all time? #MMfanpitch”……or “@MarlinManiac, why is Jose Fernandez so good at home? #MMfanpitch.

On Friday, the editors at Marlin Maniac will compile each idea and narrow the selection down to three options. On Friday afternoon, we will put up an article with a poll attached, each idea being an answer. You will get the chance to vote on which idea you want to see!

We will announce our winner on the FishCast each Sunday, and post it on Twitter as well. The winning article idea will be written up either by my co-editor Ehsan or me. The Fan Pitch will be starting next week, with the first winner being announced on Sunday. We encourage everyone who has an idea to submit it.

Remember…..Use #MMfanpitch and let’s hear your ideas!

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