Miami Marlins: Players vs. Front Office saga continues


The drama continues to build between Marlins players and the front office. Following the trade sending Mat Latos and Michael Morse to the Dodgers for little return, one anonymous player became outraged.

Clearly, nothing positive can be taken from this quote. For my opinion on it, see my first article regarding player and front office relations.

But the note previously posted on Miami Herald’s website regarding player reaction to the deadline moves essentially confirmed the relationship gap between the players and front office of the Marlins.

The voices of frustration…The Miami Marlins are a mess. It’s difficult enough for the players to beat the opposing team, much less their new opponents…management. Granted,  not all of the players are frustrated with Hill, Loria, and company, but the word ‘several’ really stuck with me.

As I mentioned in my first players vs. front office post, we haven’t seen anything like this situation recently, professional players criticizing their management in front of media, and leaked to the public.

I get it, the Marlins are losing, a lot, and the players are frustrated. However, most teams during losing seasons sell, and we haven’t seen this type of reaction among players by selling teams in the past.

What makes the Marlins’ situation any different?

The track record. In the recent past, Marlins fans have witnessed their front office use money as the primary influence surrounding trade activity. The growing frustration among fans is noticeable, and the players are beginning speak out too.

Before we put all blame on the front office, I’d like to bring up the unpopular idea of targeting the players. I’m not necessarily taking this side, but some may believe the Marlins’ players are overreacting.

Losing teams sell all the time at the trade deadline. It’s not like Miami dealt the whole team, the core of young talent still remains. And now at 20 games under .500, the players have to know that 2015 playoff hopes are unrealistic.

Are the players perhaps complaining too much?

Yes, we’ve seen questionable moves surrounding the Marlins, but these don’t seem as costly as Miami’s poor decisions in the recent past.

I know it goes against fan morals to side against most players, but it’s something to consider when looking about a difficult situation like this. It seems as if neither side has looked to mend relations between each other.

Either way, this needs to be figured out. If you can’t be on the same page with your front office, it becomes increasingly more difficult to perform on the field.

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