Miami Marlins: Smart to limit Jose Fernandez?


A Jose Fernandez-type pitcher is one who comes few and far between for the Marlins (or any MLB team). Since Fernandez’s injury, Miami has been reasonably conservative when it comes to using their ace.

Last night, the Marlins took the next step in preserving Fernandez’s arm. In effort to prevent an injury, Dan Jennings removed Jose Fernandez after just 76 pitches in five innings.

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"“He had the one inning there where he had 38 pitches,” manager Dan Jennings said. “That’s a career high for him. And he had just come off two outings where he had 112 and [99]. So we said we’re going to use the common sense approach with him, with him coming back.” (Frisaro,"

Jose Fernandez, who seemingly desires to remain in games more than most pitchers, agreed with the idea of being removed, saying “I think it’s a good move. Obviously I wanted to stay out there, but sometimes you’ve got to be smarter.”

However, in game context, the move was questionable at best. The Marlins were losing and their bullpen has been overworked, but they removed Fernandez anyway.

But this move had the future in mind, which I cannot disagree with. Yes, you want to win games in baseball, but this Marlins club won’t be playing for any championships in 2015.

The last thing Marlins fans want is an injury to the ace of their present and future staff and half of the franchise’s centerpiece. In a season ravaged by injuries, this would have undoubtably come as the worst one, had it been serious.

Yet some fans would like to disagree.

Yes, the chances of Jose Fernandez injuring himself were low, but he simply isn’t worth risking in a game that doesn’t necessarily matter in regard to the Marlins’ future.

So take a step back Marlins fans. Is it really worth it to stretch Fernandez even if it decreases Miami’s chances of winning?

In a season where the Marlins are hovering around 25 games under .500, one win isn’t going to kill them. An injury to their ace will.

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