Miami Marlins Morning Catch: Could Stanton hit 70 in 2016?


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What?! 70 homers?! No way….

Yes, 70 sounds absurd, but it’s not out of the realm for Miami’s offensive star. Let me explain.

When word came out today that the Marlins would be open to moving in the fences at Marlins Park, Giancarlo Stanton may have easily become the most pleased DL’d player in all of baseball.

ICYMI: Fences Moving in for 2016?

In 2015, Stanton has played in 74 games, knocking 27 homers. At that rate, Giancarlo would be on pace for hitting 59 homers in an 162 game season. Would 11 more homers be so out of play?

Well, yes, if the fences remained at their current distances. It’d be possible, but incredibly unlikely.

But, now that rumors of Marlins Park fences moving in, the 70 homer plateau has suddenly become a realistic possibility. In Stanton’s three years at Marlins Park, his isolated power has increased by year. This year, his career high, his ISO is at .341.

Naturally, one would expect Stanton to improve. But even if he keeps at the pace of his 2015 campaign, an adjustment of the fences would enable him to hit 70+ homers. Let’s check out his spray chart up to this point.



According to this map, at least five of Stanton’s fly ball outs would count as homers if the fences were moved in even just 10 feet. Add those in an 162 game season with his current rate and Stanton surpasses 70 homers.

It’s more possible than you’d think, and certainly a prediction that has a chance to come true. Stanton may make history in 2016.

Every Stanton Homer of 2015 in 1 minute (Video)

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