Miami Marlins RTD: Marcell Ozuna’s Future; Thoughts on Next Manager

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Sep 17, 2014; Anaheim, CA, USA; ESPN broadcaster Manny Acta attends the game between the Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

3. Who is your preference for the next manager of the Miami Marlins? Exactly how important is the next hire?

Ehsan Kassim: First, unless the Marlins make a philosophical change, their manager hardly even matters. A manager is usually only as good as the roster that is assembled for him. An analytical manager means nothing if the team’s front office continues to be overly old-school. As for my preference, I am beginning to like Manny Acta more and more for the position. He’s open to analytics, speaks Spanish, and has a solid history with young teams. But like I said, the changes need to occur at the top for the manager role to even matter.

Daniel Zylberkan: The Marlins have been feeding the media with the idea that hey want an “experienced manager” so they’ll probably go with a guy like Dusty Baker, Manny Acta or Don Mattingly if he becomes available. I don’t think the manager position is very important and people in and around baseball seem to make it worse. I would like the Marlins to hire traveling instructor Andy Barkett as the next manager although it doesn’t matter since he’ll be fired within a season and a half anyway.

Michael Sonbeek: I don’t have preference. I think bringing back Ozzie would be cool. Unless they are getting a guy who’s committed to analytics, it won’t mean anything.

Sean Millerick: The manager decision is critical. I’m inclined to say go with a proven veteran if only because it worked out pretty well the last two times (McKeon, Leyland). Further, it would seem like the Marlins just provided a fairly generous sample size of what happens when the job is given to just anyone. What I would love to see is an organizational gutting, and the rehiring of Dave Dombrowski as GM to a contract that guarantees his salary will be quadrupled if ownership interferes in any way with baseball operations. But since that isn’t going to happen, anyone but Manny Acta works fine for me; seems like the clubhouse deserves a leader with a recent history of winning baseball, or at the very least a proven big-league pedigree.

Charlie Clark: I prefer Dusty Baker. He owns the best record and most experience among the majority of the candidates. But I’m not sure how important the next hire will be, it seems that Loria fires everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next manager doesn’t make it to the end of 2015.

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Christian La Fontaine: The manager might be the most overrated position in baseball. These are grownups whose entire livelihood depends upon them playing well, not eight year olds who might lose interest and go home if not properly motivated. It really doesn’t matter who the next Manager is, the team will only be as good as the players who make it up. That being said I think it would be fun to see Pudge Rodriguez get the job.

Mark Laming: The Marlins need a solid manager. People forget how young this team really is. Giancarlo is 25, Jose is 23, the need for a strong voice of leadership is desperate to lead the young guys. The ideal candidate, Pudge Rodriguez. He’s been a great clubhouse guy everywhere he’s been, he’s universally respected in the baseball community and deserves a managerial shot. Pudge also seems like the ideal candidate as the Marlins are still paying off Ozzie and Mike Redmond and probably won’t look to dump more money into an experienced manager who’s out there, like Dusty Baker, as Pudge’s contract cost may be significantly lower.

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