Miami Marlins RTD: Team Season Awards; Thoughts on Marlins Press Conference

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Jun 12, 2015; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins president of Baseball Operations Michael Hill before a game against the Colorado Rockies at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another Miami Marlins Round Table Discussion. On today’s agenda, we’ll be discussing the season awards for the Miami Marlins, thoughts on their press conference, as well as some predictions for the Major League Baseball commercials currently on-going.

1. What did you make of the Miami Marlins press conference on Tuesday? Any thoughts on the major stuff discussed?

Ehsan Kassim: This is the Tweet I fired off as I was reading the Marlins press conference on Twitter, and I’ll stick with that.

Daniel Zylberkan: At this point the Marlins making decisions that make no sense to any well-educated baseball fan is becoming normal and expected. Moving in the fences makes sense, only if you ignore the Marlins pitchers seem to give up a lot of flyballs, and Major Leaguers tend to turn flyballs into home runs with regularity. Re-signing Ichiro makes no sense outside of selling tickets, so a disaffected fan base can see someone reach a counting stat milestone.

Michael Sonbeek: I really don’t have a strong opinion on it. Same old stuff. I don’t think moving in the fences make sense and signing Ichiro was dumb.

Sean Millerick: To be honest, was still busy digesting the Dolphins press conference. But as far as this one goes, relatively unimpressed. Welcoming Jennings back as GM is fine, but the first press conference to matter this offseason will be the one that introduces the new manager. Moving the fences in is a mistake, with the possible exception of Stanton having explicitly pressured the club to do so. Welcoming Ichiro back is a welcome move, as his value to the organization must be measured beyond the ball field; a field he appeared on more than any other Marlin incidentally.

Christian La Fontaine: Not really anything to say I haven’t said before. Moving in the walls won’t help, and a new manager is pointless without a front office overhaul. If you like the Ichiro signing whatever, I don’t, but it doesn’t really matter that much.

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Mark Laming: Some minor stuff, nothing groundbreaking or that hasn’t been reported. There’s tons of misreporting and uncertainty about Jennings already, and that situation is still not clear. As for moving the fences in, it will increase offense for both the Marlins and the visitors, but it’s not going to tip the scales too far in on side or the other.

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