Miami Marlins RTD: Team Season Awards; Thoughts on Marlins Press Conference

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Oct 7, 2015; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jake Arrieta celebrates with his son Cooper after defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Wild Card playoff baseball game at PNC Park. Cubs won 4-0. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

5. Predictions for the MLB playoffs?

Ehsan Kassim: I want to see a Cubs-Astros World Series, as those are the two teams I like the most left in the post-season. But I think it will be the Dodgers against the Jays, with the Dodgers winning in 6.

Daniel Zylberkan: I think the Blue Jays are really good and probably have the best chance of coming out of the AL. While the NL is more interesting and I’m inclined to agree with Back to the Future II and say that Cubs will win the World Series.

Michael Sonbeek: Dodgers over Jays in the World Series.

Sean Millerick: Same Rangers-Cardinals rematch, same result. But wouldn’t the Astros beating the Cardinals be the ultimate form of poetic justice?

Christian La Fontaine: I don’t know because nobody does, playoffs are random. I guess I want the Pirates over the Jays in the WS. (Editors Note: Pirates lost)

Mark Laming: Nobody wants to hear it, nobody likes to hear it, but the Cardinals are going to take the World Series this season. I can’t see any of these young and exciting teams taking down the vets and winning pedigree in St. Louis. I’ll take them in 6 over the Blue Jays.

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