MLB 2015 Postseason Features Many Ex-Miami Marlins

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Oct 9, 2015; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Texas Rangers relief pitcher Sam Dyson fields a ball hit for an infield single by Toronto Blue Jays left fielder Ben Revere (not pictured) in the 8th inning in game two of the ALDS at Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

American League

  • Houston Astros-  Hard not to root for these guys. Great story, and one very similar to what we’d like to see happen with the Miami Marlins, in terms of a young group of talent blossoming into a juggernaut. Of course, one of those young stars in an Astros uniform is former Marlin Jake Marisnick.  Marisnick went 2 for 4 in their Game 1 win, and put up a stellar defensive season in the OF for the AL Wild card winner.  On first glance, this trade feels like a clear miss for the Marlins, who received vertigo-ridden Jared Cosart in return.  But based on the MLB ready talent dealt in the deal, you’d have to pick a Marlins Opening Day outfielder you’d rather have Marisnick- who batted .236 this year- start in place of before rushing to judgement.  Or, just focus on the fact Colin Moran was also moved in the trade, and feel free to gripe away until Cosart turns in that first 30 start, sub 4.00 ERA season.
  • Kansas City-  That was a lot about the Astros up there.  But that’s because they are one of two teams that qualified for the postseason that will regularly be penciling in an ex-Marlin in the lineup card.  The Royals will hope to last long enough to bump that tally to three by getting 2B

    Omar Infante

    back from injury.  That said, Infante did lose his job down the stretch in September, and distinguished himself most this season by making a real run at becoming the

    least deserving All-Star starter in recent memory

    .  Great guy, good locker room presence.  But if you’d rather he was still with the Fish, bear in mind that if you multiplied the difference between his .220 BA and

    Donovan Solano

    ‘s .189 mark by 3, he’d still have finished twenty points shy of

    Dee Gordon


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  • New York Yankees-  Andrew Miller and Nathan Eovaldi are your headliners here.  Personally, having Miller off the roster is worth it for no other reason than it has dramatically cut down the number of “if only we still had Cabrera” comments made during the average telecast.  Miller has admittedly turned into an above average reliever though since leaving the Marlins, falling into the rare class of being both acquired and dismissed in horribly pointless trades; the only saving grace is that when he was traded, his value was essentially equipment and soda money.  Eovaldi meanwhile, despite leading the Yankees in wins, remained Eovaldi as he blended streaks of brilliance and ineptitude all season.  The difference for him in the Bronx was that the Yankees have the offense to let a starter earn a win when he gives up three runs or more; Eovaldi did this eight times in 2015.
  • Texas Rangers- Sam Dyson. Average reliever in his time with the Marlins, and exceptional stopper for the Rangers since being dealt on Deadline Day this season; Dyson has held opponents to an ERA of 1.15 across 31.1 innings of work.  Time will tell who won this trade, as it netted (fairly) only low-level talent in return.
  • Toronto Blue Jays- Obviously this will be the big write-up, considering the mega fire-sale, salary dump of an abomination the Marlins made in 2012. Wait, what’s that? Ah yes, by leaving Mark Buehrle off the postseason roster, the Blue Jays are actually not using any of the talent in that outright theft of the Toronto Blue Jays the Marlins committed when they made that deal.  That’s right- no ex-Fish on the Blue Jays roster.
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