Welcome to another Miami Marlins Round Table Discussion. On today’s agenda,..."/> Welcome to another Miami Marlins Round Table Discussion. On today’s agenda,..."/> Welcome to another Miami Marlins Round Table Discussion. On today’s agenda,..."/>

Miami Marlins RTD: #BringHanleyHome; Ideal Off-Season for Marlins?

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Welcome to another Miami Marlins Round Table Discussion. On today’s agenda, we’ll be discussing #BringHomeHanley, thoughts on if the Marlins should extend Hech and Dee, as well what an ideal off-season would look like for the Miami Marlins.

1. Yay or Nay: #BringHanleyHome? Why or why not?

Ehsan Kassim: Yay. When he’s healthy, Hanley can still bat as well as anyone in the game. Move him to first base and easing the burden of defense, and he could do some great things. The Marlins should not give up a ton for him and the Sox would likely eat a good portion of salary. Why not bring back the greatest Marlin of all time?

Daniel Zylberkan: I feel like the Red Sox would be eager to part ways with Hanley, as he has proven to be a truly awful left fielder in arguably the easiest left field to play in all of baseball. The Marlins have a need for a solid corner infielder and Hanley Ramirez could fit that bill very well. Ultimately I just miss him and it would be great if he was back in a Marlins uniform.

Michael Sonbeek: Yay, because he’s the best Marlin ever and can still play at a high level.

Sean Millerick: Nay, without question. Hanley’s injury history has only become more storied since leaving Miami, and the Marlins have enough injury concerns with their current superstars; superstars who I thought had provided a fair amount of excitement-when healthy- in recent years. But more to the point, Hanley was approaching clubhouse cancer status during his last couple years with the club. Not sure his current talent level outweighs the negative impact he could have on morale. Finally, 2014 saw him pushed from the infield to the outfield. Who exactly in the Marlins current starting outfield would Hanley be a significant upgrade over? Spend the offensive FA bucks on an actual first or third baseman.

Christian La Fontaine: Yay, beyond a doubt, ownership needs to earn back some goodwill from the fanbase. He’s the greatest Marlin of all time. If not for injuries/make up might have been a top 5 middle infielder all time. In the present he’s a competent right-handed hitter who might be able to play some third base, or at least serve platoon time with Bour at first. 

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Mark Laming: Hanley has burned his set of bridges in Boston in just one year. I would be on board for bringing him home to reignite the fanbase that has been void of true excitement since 2012. I’d only bring him back at a discount though. He’s not worth his huge paycheck I’m all aboard if we can get Boston to pay some of his contract at the very least.

Charlie Clarke: That would be interesting to say the least. The offense would be potent, but the injury bug could kill all hype. Plus, the combo between Hech and Dee worked well last year. I think he’d be too expensive, and I know the Marlins would too.

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