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Miami Marlins RTD: #BringHanleyHome; Ideal Off-Season for Marlins?

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2. Would it be smarter for the Marlins to sign Dee Gordon and Adeiny Hechavarria to extensions or go year-to-year with them?

Ehsan Kassim: I’d go year-to-year with Dee Gordon. Yes, his 2015 season was great, but that was a career year. You don’t sign players after a career year. The team would then be paying for past value instead of future value. I’d go year-to-year with Hech as well, but that would depend on the team friendliness of an extension.

Daniel Zylberkan: There is no good reason for paying the ever-increasing arbitration money year-by-year. Sign both of them to nice team friendly deals that buy out their arbitration eligibility and maybe one or two free agent years. Something like a 4-year deal for $20 million contract.

Michael Sonbeek: I think year-to-year would be good for both, or maybe a 5-year $35 million type deal for Dee.

Sean Millerick: Long-term Hechavarria, short-term Gordon. While Gordon was the season’s success story and deserves full credit for his batting title, it is fair to ask him to do it again; Hech has put up multiple Gold Glove caliber seasons in the shadow of Atlanta’s Andrelton Simmons, and is worth extending on his glove alone. But then again, my issue with going long-term with Gordon is less about his having earned it, and more about wanting to see the Marlins ink an ace SP to a long-term contract. Long-term deals are precious in Miami.

Christian La Fontaine: Gordon should just go year-to-year, he runs a super-high BABIP and his only carrying tool (speed) has already started to diminish. When his speed goes completely, his value will vanish. It would be smart to lock Hech up, great defensive shortstops who aren’t automatic outs on offense, are hard to find these day. 

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Mark Laming: Gordon has proved that he can be a productive player over more than one season, or at least be an above replacement level player. But, Hech has a bit left to prove that he can have sustained success over multiple seasons. Locking Gordon down and going year-to-year with Hech seems like the logical choice.

Charlie Clarke: This depends on the Hanley situation, but I think they should invest in short-term deals. Dee could easily fall back to Earth in 2016, and Hech may as well. I wouldn’t risk it.

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