Miami Marlins RTD: #BringHanleyHome; Ideal Off-Season for Marlins?

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3. Thoughts on the Marlins ranking in ESPN’s “Ultimate Standings?

Ehsan Kassim: I don’t disagree with the ranking, but I also don’t quite understand how ESPN got there. I still need to read up on their process to fully understand all of this. But it does seem right.

Daniel Zylberkan: I think it isn’t at all surprising that the Marlins would land near the bottom in any ranking that takes an objective look at how a franchise does, outside of just raw on the field results. Much like their ranking on the analytics rankings, also done by ESPN earlier this year, they need a lot of work to be a top-tier organization.

Michael Sonbeek: They were higher than I expected, I thought they would be dead last.

Sean Millerick: Seems fair, although if you break it down specifically, I actually expected a slightly higher player ranking; Miami’s nucleus is amongst the best in the game. Of course that potential is factored into title track, along with past success. Since their inaugural season, only five teams in the game have won two or titles: the Marlins are one of them. But looking at the whole package? Of course the issues are legion, and the rank shows that.

Christian La Fontaine: Hey they’re not last! . 

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Mark Laming: Fair enough, the Marlins are in a bad spot overall and this ranking reflects that in a fair way.

Charlie Clarke: I agree with it, the franchise is very poorly situated currently.

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